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Teplárna Kyjov - bypass of the flue boilers

T-Project Group finished construction of two bypass flue boilers for Heating plant Kyjov.


Diffusers are used to slowing down the flow of exhaust gases. Result is reduction of the noise, which arises from the outlet of the chimney.

Bypass flow provide exhaust gases out of the boiler. This solution enables quick start-up of two flue gas turbines without boilers, or with a boiler. In this case, boilers don't restrict the operation of the flue gas turbines. 


Currently Heating plant Kyjov uses two combustion turbines (natural gas) running  in the cogeneration process with classified steam boilers. The current arrangement of the two cogeneration units can not separate flue gas turbine start-up without the use of steam boilers, calling on full power about 1 hour.Because Teplárna Kyjov intends to operate the existing flue gas turbines in service to parry high consumption of electric networks, which requires velocity of start-up of flue gas turbines at full capacity within 15 minutes. Currently bypass is installed around steam boilers. Installing a bypass gas to meet the tough requirements of rapid starting of combustion turbines running at full capacity. Performance of each individual turbine is up to 7.5 MW.