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Reconstruction of Steam Boilers K3 & K4 at Power Station MAHARDEH, Syria

The scope of work was complex elaboration of two numbers of steam boilers reconstruction with steam capacity of 496 t/ h with following scope of supplies and services:
Complete designing & engineering, manufacturing drawings, technical procedure of dismantling and assembly of burners, testing and commissioning of boilers.
Designing and engineering of boilers 3, 4 reconstruction at Thermal Power Station Mehardeh (Syria) was worked out on the basis of tender documents issued  dated 24-05-2004 by the Ministry of Energy Syrian Arab Republic.
Originally both oil fired Units 3 and 4 with natural circulation were supplied by SGP company. Boilers were commercially operated (commissioned) gradually in 1988 and 1989. Subsequently both boilers were modified to gas and oil firing.
After reconstruction boilers are characterised with following designed parameters:


Boiler Capacity % 50 75 100
Boiler Thermal Capacity MWt 202 294 390
Turbine capacity (electrical) MWe 82,5 123,8 165
Boiler Steam Capacity kg/s 66,5 100 137,5
Superheated Steam Pressure barg 126,6 128 130,1
Superheated Steam Temperature °C 541 541 541
Reheated Steam Flow kg/s 61,1 92,2 126,4
Reheated Steam Pressure barg 15,4 23 31
Reheated Steam Temperature °C 529 541 541
Feed Water Temperature °C 200 221 238

In order to achieve maximum possible boiler power K3 and K4 following major modifications have been made:

  • Heat exchanging surface of super heater has been decreased about 33% in order to reduce super heater steam temperature at outlet mainly during natural gas combustion, under maximum allowed temperature.
  • Heat exchanging surface of economizer was increased about 12,5% for compensation of decreased super heater 1 heat exchanging surface.
  • New combined burners were modified in such way so that the average temperature of flue gases at outlet of combustion chamber could be decreased and at the same time average temperature of flue gases in this area remained uniformly.
  • Repair and replacement of used and defective parts and equipment of both boilers as the boiler operation after reconstruction would be safe and reliable.

Producers of equipment:
LKH, CZ: Boiler pressure parts
Mehldau & Steinfath, Germany: Burners
ELMA-MaR, CZ: Instrument & Control
Erection: Syrian Company

Project author: Dr.Ing. Pavel Nekvapil
Chief designer: Engr. Pavel Otřísal
Project manager: Engr. Pavel Depiak