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High-pressure regenerative heater for the MEHARDEH Power Plant, Syria, 2x165 MWe Units

The subject of the delivery was the complete design of two high-pressure feedwater heaters, RF 51W 001 type.

Carrier media 

Primary heat carrier medium hot feedwater
Secondary heat transfer medium superheated steam/undercooled condensate


Carrier media parameters

Heater inlet feedwater 

Pressure 145 bar
Temperature      180 °C
Flow 415 t/hour


Heater outlet feedwater 

Pressure 145 bar
Temperature      240 °C
Flow 415 t/hour


Heater inlet heating steam 

Pressure 35 bar
Temperature      380 °C
Flow 45,3 t/hour



Heater output on the heating water side     29 MW


The heaters were manufactured in LKH and Královopolská, a.s.
Supplier - Alstom Power.

Solver:            Dr.Ing. Pavel Nekvapil
Realization:      Vlastimil Podlucký