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  • To determine the extent of measures that reduce NOx in the flue gas to the emission limits prescribed by the operators of power equipment by January 1, 2016 
  • Proposals of aplications, which reduce NOx in the flue gas
  • Installing the primary measures for boilers
  • Design and application of secondary measures for boilers
  • Modification of boiler control system for a new combustion system
  • Adjustment of combustion and operation adjustment of boilers


  • Supplies and reconstructions of boiler units burning fossil fuels
  • Deliveries of waste heat boilers
  • Modernization and replacement of boiler combustion systems
  • Reconstruction and supply of fuel economy
  • Modifications and supplies of boiler control systems
  • Reconstruction of the boiler for another type of fuel
  • Reconstruction and repair of boiler pressure parts
  • Increasing the efficiency of boilers


  • Applications for co-firing biomass with coal
  • Production of electricity and heat from biomass
  • Design and delivery biomass fuel economy for combustion in the boiler
  • Utilization of waste heat for heat and electricity
  • Modification and supply of boiler control systems
  • Design and supply of heat exchangers that use waste heat


  • Complex activities of design, construction, thermal and stress analysis
  • Projects modernization of boiler units
  • Projects boilers and power units
  • Proposals and projects of exchangers, heat exchangers, including oil heat exchangers
  • A comprehensive study of economic solutions for the operation of power unit
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical studies